The breakfast alone made this place worth it.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 8, 2011

Ok so I have to admit that at first sight this place is not fantastic. It is also not accessible. If you are a person with a disability do not book a room in this hotel. The elevators are tiny and there are only stairs to access the main lobby. The rooms are 1970's decor with clogged shower drains. We arrived late in the evening to find that our reservation was not in the system. I had received a special rate via Travelocity since I had booked my room many months in advance. When we arrived, the hotel had no confirmation number. Fortunately, I had a saved email in my blackberry and was able to access the information, but not before having to go through the trouble of being told I was going to be charged three times the rate I was originally confirmed for. I will admit that despite the flaws that I mentioned the room did include breakfast every day and that made those flaws insignificant. The hotel staff was friendly and very accommodating. If you are looking for a place to crash while visiting the city, I would recommend this place. I did not need luxury accommodations as I was not planning on staying in my room all day.
Vista Plaza Del Sol Guadalaja
Guadalajara, Mexico, 45050

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