Great location, just request one thing....

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 11, 2011

This hotel has a perfect location for a long weekend in the city. You can easily walk anywhere or catch the Bart or Muni not far from the hotel. THE ONLY THING I STRONGLY RECOMMEND is ask for a room facing the INTERIOR courtyard. Its not really a courtyard as it is a small open outdoor square and you will have NO view BUT if you stay in a room that faces any street you WILL hear the traffic. I can fall asleep with any noise going on around me but in the morning it's really not nice to be awakened by a passing emergency vehicle, which happens very often. The "deluxe" room they "upgrade" you to for free usually faces the street so DON'T fall for it. Other than that the only other down-side is the 1 incredibly slow and very very small elevator. Don't be put off by people who snub the neighborhood, it's fine and if you're used to city people and lifestyles it's perfect.
Executive Hotel Mark Twain
San Francisco, California, 94102

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