Staff was very rude

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 24, 2011

From my check in to check out the only people that were nice was the servers at breakfast buffet. The bartenders were mean and talking in spanish . They were making fun of people at the bar and people walking by. I understand joking amoung your fellow emplyees but more and more people understand spanish now and I think it is veryy rude that they can do that. The elderly lady next to me said she had to leave because it was annoying her so bad I am so glad she did not understand how they were calling her cheap and too much make up,Me personally I will never stay there again? The employees at the flamingo are so much nicer and pleasant. I stayed for foulr days and never felt welcome. You at the golden nuggett need to address these problems
Golden Nugget
129 E. Fremont St.
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101
(702) 385-7111

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