Perfect for the aquarium

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 13, 2011

I got a great price for this hotel on Travelocity's top secret deals. It was a really nice hotel -- one of a handful of 5-star joints in the area, well-appointed and perfectly situated for a visit to the aquarium. It might even be a little too fancy for my tastes -- there were a lot of people around looking to help, from valets to bellboys. When I checked in, apparently the Top Secret deal I received wasn't in the computer -- it had been relayed for a different date -- but the staff was completely gracious about it, and got us a beautiful high corner room facing the Bay. The bed was a little small -- a full, I think -- but my girlfriend and I aren't huge people, and it was perfectly comfortable. She was very impressed with the condition of the room, and the amenities -- the robes, the make-up desk, the qualities of the soaps provided. The walk to the museum was comfortable, and we even went out from there to Pacific Grove. A few considerations: There was a daily resort charge for the hotel, of $25 I think, which made it less of a deal. All the hotels here face the Bay, and the road that runs from here to the hotel is a bit lonely... it's mainly for the aquarium, so places are pretty touristy and there are no locals. Because parking was valet, I didn't drive much and if I didn't use valet, then it would be a little tricky -- so my girlfriend and I spent most of our time on this stretch. It was fine for two days... get in one day, spend the day at the aquarium, come back, and leave the next. We didn't really eat in the area because of the touristy aspect, and even called in room service one night. The food was good, but they tacked on a gratuity to begin with, and then the deliverer wasn't going to stop me if I gave him some more. It's a fancy place, they must be used to people who are wealthy enough to give a little here and a little there, but for me, it adds up!
Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa
400 Cannery Row
Monterey, California, 93940

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