Great Overall Vacation

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 19, 2011

Even though some of this review seems that I did not have a great vacation that is not the case. I just wanted to pass along information that I did not know before we went. My family (wife, son, and myself) vacationed at the Fiesta American Condesa Cancun resort from April 7th until April 14th along with my sister-in-law and niece. This was a package that was booked thru Travelocity. We arrived at the Cancun airport and were immediately “hounded” by the porters. We had booked Olympus tours to get us from the airport to the resort and vice-versa. A word to anyone who has not ever traveled to Cancun: pick up your luggage and proceed directly outside of the airport until you find your pre-booked transportation. Do not stop and speak to the porters, or anyone else, as they are just looking for tips to carry your baggage a short trip. Our representative from Olympus was located right outside the exit in the uniform that we were told he would be wearing. He loaded our luggage into the shuttle and we were off with two other groups/families. We arrived at our resort at around 1:00. Being that we knew that check-in is not until 3:00 we decided to have the bell-hops take our bags and proceeded to the main desk. We were greeted with a nice and cold fruity drink and started the check in process. Both of our rooms were already available so we were given our keys and towel cards. Another word of warning: if you lose the towel cards you will be charge $25.00 each. We later discovered that some people were given tours of the resort when they checked in but we were not offered this. We went to our rooms and quickly changed and unpacked. We each had ocean front rooms. I assumed that the ocean front rooms were actually the rooms that were close to the ocean, but we discovered that those are only suites. I noticed that our room’s (number 352) air conditioner was working but seemed to be barely working. I also checked the refrigerator and discovered that it was stocked but warm (good th
Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun
Cancun, Mexico, 77500

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