this hotel gave up my room...

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 23, 2011

i made my reservations in feb 2011. i called on april 15 to confirm my reservation for april 16-20 and clerk said everything was good. i left nyc at 4 a.m april 16 and drove to orlando florida. i was delayed in north carolina due to tornados. i finally got to the clarion inn at 2 am april 17 with 3 kids and clarion inn said that travelocity upgraded me to a 4 star hotel! BIG LIE. travelocity did not do such a thing. clarion inn gave my room away and sent me 7 miles away to the rosen center..i know they did that cause i got that room for $27.00 a night when i booked in feb. so they sold it to someone who just walked up in there and of course they will get more for it than what i was paying for.i called travelocity and they only reimbursed me for that one night. but i was very madd and it kind of ruined my vacation.. won't use clarion again...
Comfort Inn Lake Buena Vista
8442 Palm Pkwy.
Lake Buena Vista, Florida, 32836
(407) 996-7300

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