The Azteca was a nice resort.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 5, 2011

My family and I went to the Azteca in May of 2010 and we had a good time there. We had been to another resort in Playa del Carmen before this vacation, so we knew about what to expect. If this is your first time going to Playa del Carmen the Azteca for the money is a good place to start. The rooms had the nomal wear and tear but nice. Just remember you are going to a very humid place and its all about being around the water, so the rooms could smell like mildew. The things that we would complain about is for one they will only stock water or soda in you room refrigerator you can`t have both. The food at the buffet was good but the variety was not much, so day after day it`s the same food. The specialty restaurants were wonderful. Now in order to eat at them you must make reservations the minute after you check in, trust me on this or you will not get a reservation, it`s first come first serve at them. The pool side lunch buffet had the best pizza and the drinks were good, they had a big alcohol drink selection. The pool was nice but the water was alittle hot. I don`t know about you but I`m there for the beach and ocean. This was our first time back since the beach renovation at Playa del Carmen, they must have added 200 plus feet back to their beach. So the beach and ocean at the Azteca is awesome! I don`t think you will be disappointed.
Viva Wyndham Azteca All-Inclusive
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 77710

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