Stay away from this hotel

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 7, 2011

I've made a prepaid reservation for a New Year's eve of 2010. When after delay with my flight I've arrivied to hotel at 10:30 P.M. I was told that hotel was overbooked and if I wanted a place to stay I could use internet to find myself another hotel. When I said receptionist that she has to offer me another accommodation, she told me that she was too busy for that. After I spoke with the Manager of this place over the phone, she directed a receptionist to find me another hotel. After making one or two calls a receptionist told me that she found a motel for me about 3 miles up north on the Strip. And when I asked her how I could get there knowing that the strip is closed for a New Year's Eve celebrations, I was told that it was my problem. So, I've left my luggage, went to celebrate New Year, made after that a couple of calls myself and find a hotel 3 blocks from Jockey Club, and went there. On the next day, when I came to see a manager she refunded me whatever I've paid for reservation plus a price difference compared with hotel where I eventually stayed. So, that's seem to be OK, but the whole experience with my wife and myself being left on the street at night was very unpleasant.
Jockey Club
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109

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