Somewhat overpriced, but a nice place to stay

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 3, 2011

The beds at this hotel were VERY comfortable, and everything seemed to be well-maintained at first glance. We were provided with dishes and the basics (pots and pans, small bottle of dish soap, sponge) and the mini-kitchenette was invaluable as a vegan (not a whole lot of options for going out to eat). The one problem that we had was with the couch. It was full of sand and you could not sit down without getting it in your clothes. The hotel never remedied this situation, but it wasn't enough to ruin our experience. Also, the times that they came around to clean the rooms were variable. Sometimes it would be 8 in the morning, sometimes 2 in the afternoon, sometimes not at all. We often missed out on having our room cleaned because we were not ready to go when they got around to us. The hotel is right on the boardwalk, within decent walking distance from practically everything: restaurants, surf shops, mini-marts, bars. The beach in that area was very pleasant although sometimes crowded (this was in mid-June).
Barclay Towers
809 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23451
(757) 491-2700

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