Nick Suites

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on May 28, 2011

Nick Hotel was actually pretty nice. But first we had to straighten a few things out. There is the $25/day resort fee, which was expected, but if you want to be in the area of the hotel where there are character rooms and the pool is open everyday there is another $25 fee/day. You also have to where nonremovable carnival style armbands the whole time you are there in order to access the resorts amenities, such as, the pool, arcade, buses to amusement parks, etc. If your band falls off you can get a new one for free, as long as you still have it. But if you lose it, the cost is $25. We didnt lose any the whole week, they are pretty tough, but not very pretty. Also, you can have visitors for $15, but they are not allowed in the pool/waterpark area, just in case you have family nearby who were thinking of visiting. I did see them remove people who did not have there armbands. The rooms did have a wet smell when we got there, but we were expecting this from other reviews, so we brought a bottle of febreeze and it improved the rooms smell imensely. It is a nice sized room, as it has the bedroom with a king a the bunk room for the kids, plus the living room with a foldout bunk. They have a restaurant that was good and had cheap kids meal, but pricey like most hotel restaurants for the adults. They also had subway and a pizzaria Uno. We would definitely stay here again. Just thought everyone should be aware of the things we found.
Nickelodeon Suites Resort
14500 Continental Gateway
Orlando, Florida, 32821
(407) 387-5437

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