This hotel was really a mess

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on May 28, 2011

The Intercontinental Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri is overpriced and a bad value for the following reasons: 1. Hotel is somber. Like checking into a tomb. Front desk area is attractive but everything else is deadening to the senses. 2. The lobby and restaurants are vacant. Food is poor to average. 3. Telephone system is so complicated that it doesn't work. 4. Bell hops exist for their own convenience. Couldn't get any help at check out time and the hotel seemed vacant at 12:00 noon on Thursday. 5. The gift shop was always closed. Therefore if one needed something like a toothbrush or maybe a magazine, you're out of luck. 6. My next stay will be at the Red Roof Inn where I know exactly what to expect, which isn't much but then it's not $ 200.00/night. It would be roughly 20% of the cost that I spent at the Intercontinental and I am sure that I would sleep just as soundly. Sincerely, Jim Kelley. Wichita, KS May 28, 2011
Intercontinental At The Plaza
Kansas City, Missouri, 64112
816 756 1500

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