Poor service, room was poorly oriented

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on February 21, 2011

We go to Tampa every six months or so to take a mini vacation. I saw the Holiday Inn and am familiar with the location, though we have never stayed there. I thought we should give it a try and we were disappointed. We had to wait a good while to even get to the check in counter as there was one person manning the desk, fielding phone calls, and taking care of guests. When we got to our room on the first floor we faced the parking lot. I was expecting that a waterfront hotel would have all or at least the majority of their rooms oriented toward superior views. I looked at their floorplan on the fire escape and it is split about 50/50, so if you plan on staying in a superior room you should call ahead or not book through this service. Don't let the name fool you the rooms were not suites....they have some suites but the room was your typical Holiday Inn room. The pool area is tiny, and if you don't show up to breakfast before 9 you won't get any as they do not replenish. Halfway through our visit the ac in our room would not keep the room very cold. Finally, when checking out we waited 30 minutes for the front desk person as they were the only one there and overheard her say that there is one person at the desk whether they have 8 rooms booked or 88. The woman behind us in line couldn't get an additional towel for the pool as they were "out" at 10 am, come on guys get your stuff together. All in all, my advise is that this hotel is more oriented toward business travelers than vacation travelers. For my money I would stay at the Westin right next door for an additional $* per night.
Holiday Inn Express Suites Rocky Point
Tampa, Florida, 33607


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