Complete DUMP

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on January 8, 2011

I knew we were in trouble the second we drove up to the lobby. The bellman was friendly and got us to our small, dark smelly room. Two rock hard double beds pushed together and a fold out greated us. The room smell, the bathroom door would only open half way because of the toilet and the large roaches visited every evening. At least everything was clean and dust free. We arrived Christmas Eve and dressed for the dining room. Of course not everyone bothered. Apparently this Riu can't be bothered with a dress code and we had people in flip flops, muscle shirts and wet swim trunks seated nest to ladies in expensive evening gowns. The food quality was okay that night but quickly went downhill. Save two seperate dishes the meal in the Dinning Room was the same every night. Food safety and sanitation are unkown at this resort. Cooks and waiters rarely washed their hands and I observed one Floor Supervisor use the bathroom without washing his hands and proceed to serve us dinner. The cliental of this resort picked over food in the buffet line with their hands,and routinely ate out of the serving utensils in front of the Riu staff who did nothing to correct the behavior or replace the food. The food was cold all the time as they have nothing but heat lamps to keep the food warm. At 0715 I had breakfast one day and the meal was stone cold. I spoke to the Duty Manager about this and was told in very broken English "You Americans are too fussy." Thanks for the compliment but I'm Canadian. On several occasions cockroaches were seen in the food. I pointed out several in a bread basket to a Floor Supervisor, he brushed them out, crushed the bugs on the floor and laughed, the food was not removed. We attempted to bring up these concerns up with the Duty Manager, but the manger apparently could not or would not speak English. All she would say is that they "are not responsible" for the actions of their guests or staff. The Kids Club would open if you went and found someone to open it and look after the children but since it was a small dark building with little to do my five year old did not want to visit. The sand covered playground is littered with rocks, twigs, slivered metal and broken glass. In the two weeks I saw no one attempt to clean it up. There's so much bad about this resort I could go on longer. In closing while I was guarding our luggage in the lobby on check-out day (they have no locked room or anyone watching the luggage) The front desk staff watched and was cheering them on, in fact the female Duty Manager came out and cheered them on as well. In closing this place does NOT deserve three stars let alone five. Save your money, DO NOT STAY AT A RIU!!
RIU Bambu - All Inclusive
Playa Arena Gorda Dominican Re
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
(809) 221-7373

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