Fair treatment and prices? not here.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on December 24, 2010

Prepare yourself for a 30 minute check-in and check-out. I asked for alternatives for rooms (I was willing to pay for an upgrade or extra room because my brother joined us at the last minute) and three front desk staff had to consult each other for ten minutes to come up with a rate that was almost double what I had paid for my room. Considering the hotel was 80%+ empty, I was surprised they couldn't just charge us for another room at a fair price. Upon reviewing my bill carefully on the airplane, I realized I had been cheated out of about $*-$* USD because the $* extra person charge and upgrade per night I agreed to actually turned out to be about $* per night because the hotel gave me a terrible exchange rate. The $* credit added to my reservation actually became $* because of the terrible exchange rate the other way. WOW! really? Two different exchange rates were used to cheat me out of $*-$*. Never again. How could I recommend a hotel that doesn't calculate the bill fairly? The only good thing I can say is the housekeeping did an excellent job keeping our room spotless and the mariachi band at the restaurant were impressive singers. I wish I had tipped them the extra $*-$* instead. If this is how guests are treated when the hotel is empty I'd hate to see how they'd treat us when it is full. If you decide to buy shuttle transportation, get ready for a 8:30 am wake up call the next morning demanding that you meet the travelocity guy outside the front of the hotel to "book" your ride back to the airport. Why???
Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach
Cancun, Mexico, 77500


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