Paper thin walls = not a good nights sleep!!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on December 11, 2010

We like to travel to Burlington for the great shopping and decided to stay at this Best Western Hotel. We've tried a number of hotels in and around Burlington before but went with Best Western this time because of the low price. Our neighbors had no respect for others in the hotel and talked really loud amongst themselves but basically about 5 rooms around them could hear their conversations! We were also woken a number of times by them knocking and then banging on their door to be let back in. Ever hear of bringing your key card with you when leaving the room??!! This was the last straw for me, I got up and checked the time - only 6:45 A.M! We were hoping to sleep until 9 to get a good nights sleep and be rested for the long shopping day ahead of us. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. The hotel is pretty old with outdates rugs and long, creepy, squeeky hallways. You know, when someone is walking the whole floor and walls shake around you, lol. This could also be heard constantly from our room from people just walking by. All in all, a very noisy hotel. The pool was pretty decent but very warm and kind of on the dark side. One MAJOR SAFETY PROBLEM is that there is no lock on the pool room door. Any kid wandering the halls could wander in and drown!! The door doesn't require a key card to get in and simply opens with a little push that any child can do on their own. Parents beware, do not let your child wander about alone in this hotel.
Best Western Windjammer Inn And Conference Center
1076 Williston Rd
South Burlington, 05403

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