I had to keep my composure!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on November 5, 2010

In our ocean front room, the bed sank in the middle and the pillows were lumpy. The bathroom sink faucet and bathtub was rusted, molded, and peeling. The showerhead cover was detached, dangling, and exposing the hole. The lights were very dim. When taking a shower the plastic curtain had to be left half open to allow light in the tub. There were two Bath Towels and One Hand towel in the bathroom. We asked housekeeping for additional towels. The maid walked in the room, and said rudely, “You only get one towel per room.” My husband explained (In Spanish-he speaks Spanish fluently), that there were two of us and we needed another Hand Towel and we needed Face Towels. While walking out the door, she refused and rudely told us that they did not have Face Towels. We complained to management and asked if this hotel supplied Face Towels. She said that they normally did not, we would have to request them, and upon request, they would look for them in the laundry. At dinner, a cook working at the Pasta Station told a waitress that my husband needed a refill for his drink. The woman laughed, walked away. Ten minutes later, my husband asked the manager for refills for us both. The manager told the waitress to refill our drinks. Amazingly, the waitress looked at me, frowned; ‘turned her nose up ‘, brought one drink, and sat it in front of my husband. My husband told her we asked for two drinks. She grinned, walked off, laughed with another woman AND THE MANAGER, then a few minutes later brought a drink and sat it in front of me. My husband and I got up, left the restaurant, and checked out of the hotel the following day.
Barcelo Capella Beach Resort All-Inclusive
Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic


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