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Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on October 16, 2010

My impression of this hotel was mixed. On the positive side, the view of the Acropolis from the Pool (top of the hotel) is picturesque, and it is located near several good restaurants & near a convenient bus stop. The inside of the hotel was gorgeous and the room was great! On the not-so-positive side, the hotel staff wasn't very proactive to disclose information which would have made my stay much more enjoyable. For instance, they offer a shuttle into downtown for only $* and it goes hourly during the day. This wasn't mentioned to me until my last day there when I asked them for directions on the transportation map (busses and subways) to go to a specific location. It would have been nice had they told me that when I checked in or had it listed somewhere either in the lobby or in the info in the room. Also, I was being picked up for a tour so I stopped at the front-desk to affirm where to wait. After my pick-up time had passed I asked the person at the front-desk if the tour busses normally run late. She said the tour company had called & affirmed they were running late & to wait longer. After another 45 mins I went up again & spoke w/ another person who was willing to call to the tour company for me. Turned out the tour company really called the hotel to tell me where to meet the bus (2 blocks from the hotel). I completely missed my tour that day because of this! The hotel seems much more focused on meetings & conventions being held onsite than the casual traveler staying there. And, no wifi in the rooms. It's $* for 3 hrs in lobby. I walked to Starbucks instead.
Marriott Athens Ledra
Athens, Greece

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