Be Assertive and You'll Love this Hotel!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 26, 2010

I walked into this beautiful hotel with shorts, sandals and t-shirt -- so was this why I was given a key to probably the worst room in the hotel? It was extremely dark and dreary, plus there was construction going on outside the window so the noise was loud and unbearable. I immediately went downstairs and insisted on another room as there is no way I could spend even 5 minutes in that room. After a little huffing and puffing by the staff, I was offered another room and it was the same price. A completely different room! This one was gorgeous, light, modern, perfect! And from that point on, I was treated extremely nice and respectful. I did have to call to have the hot water turned on in the morning so I could take a shower, again, they responded quickly. Overall, I would stay there again, as it's location is perfect, the hotel is beautiful, and has a great pool area, but I really did not appreciate them trying to 'pull a quick one' by handing me keys to such a horrid noisy room in the hopes I wouldn't say anything. It wasn't right and I didn't appreciate it. Lesson to others - be assertive!
Hotel Majestic
Barcelona, Spain, 08007
34 93 4881717

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