Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on June 30, 2010

Stayed here for one night while visiting friends at the local university. Upon check-in my fiance and I (very tired from the 4 hour drive) decided to take a nap. Not even 30 minutes after entering our room the fire alarm went off (in our room only, no other room in the hall went off). We called the front desk, told them what happened, they came and messed with it a little before putting it back and saying we should be fine. Again, not even a whole 30 minutes had passed before it happened again. I stormed downstairs this time to talk to the front desk personel face to face. They apologized and called in another work order. The fix-it men came back, took the fire alarm and left..... They never brought another one in. And if the safety violation wasn't enough, the couch in our room had a massive 10-inch in diameter dark stain (that looked like it had been period blood.... gross). I wrote a very stern note upon check out explaining what has happened and received an apology from the hotel manager a few days later via email and an assurance that we would only be charged for 50% of our bill (although it had already been charged to my credit card so they had to refund the money). I do not plan to stay here again, it is not worth the money.
Courtyard by Marriott Riverside
Riverside, California, 92507


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