Wonderful. NO ding dong fees. Comfy.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on April 17, 2010

Great beds, breakfast, nice staff. Everything is included in the price, internet, parking, breakfast, printer, etc. There are NO fees for anything. The place is old but very well maintained. The real parking is in the structure under the building, not in that tiny front lot. We walked to and from the Convention Center and the Space Needle (museums) everyday. The panhandlers do not hang around this area. They are thick as thieves between the pricier hotels along I-5 and the Convention Center. For this reason many people, particularly small ones, transferred to our hotel halfway through the convention. The breakfast area was large with expanded seating. The earlier web sites listed it as small. Apparently that has changed. It had an overflow area into the lobby and an outdoor covered patio. They had yogurt, waffles, fruit, hard boiled eggs, biscuits and many traditional food items so even the pickiest eater, me, could eat breakfast. This is the first hotel in a long time that has working dryers that actually dry and don't destroy. The front appearance of the hotel from the street is not very appealing, but the place is well maintained and the management is determined to get happy, repeat customers. There is no spa.
La Quinta Inn and Suites Seattle Downtown
Seattle, Washington, 98121


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