Kitchen Needs Upgrading; Shuttle into town would help

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 29, 2010

PROS: The people were friendly and accommodating. Access to snorkeling and diving was convenient. The water, food, and ice at the resort are safe to eat and drink. The bathroom consisted of three rooms - a shower/toilet room, a bath/sink room, and a vanity room; it was unusual but nice. Everything was clean; housekeeping even did our dishes. Nice balcony and views. CONS: There was not enough lighting in the rooms to read by. I had to ask the Front Desk for a clock radio and a spatula. The dishes and silverware were kept in a bottom cabinet, so I had to stoop down each time I wanted them. There was nowhere else to place this stuff - sort of a weird setup. There was a sign to a gym on the first floor, but it was not there. The actual gym was a small little room elsewhere and was sparsely equipped. The bedroom air conditioner only worked as a fan - no cold air came out. The toilet seat would not stay up - a big annoyance for my husband. The couch and chairs were not comfortable. An attempt to move the couch so that we could see out the window when sitting in it led to the discovery that there was not back to the couch; the cushions were just propped up against the wall unit. There was no shuttle available into town. The refrigerator did not keep things very cold; the freezer compartment did not freeze. The burners on the stove top were too close together to allow two pans to be used at the same time, which was just as well because only one burner seemed to work at a time as well.
El Cid La Ceiba Beach Hotel
Cozumel, Mexico, 77060

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