Lost our reservation, noisy but clean, adequate

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on January 25, 2010

Booked 6 months in advance but they did not have my reservation. Said they had no way of honoring lost online reservations and weren't really interested in fixing the situation. We were on our own with that. We did not get our deluxe Queen room, we were lucky they had a tiny twin bed room. Hotel was not luxury but it was adequate and clean. We enjoyed the roof top area with beach chaises a great view of the stars. Check out time is listed at noon but they told us eleven and were sticking with that regardless of what was posted on the room doors. When I gave my sob story about lost reservation and noise they extended it to 1pm for me and called us a cab to cruise port. The neighborhood was kind of creepy with pockets of pot crumbling streets and abandoned buildings but luxury hotels across the street on the beach. There was fighting in the halls and someone pounding on a nearby door begging and shouting to be let in every hour or two the WHOLE night. I didn't call desk because I thought it sounded like the police and frankly I was afraid. The next day, Staff said it was festival so people were returning drunk--someone lost their key but was too drunk to ask for help. They, of course, said I should have called them but I really did think it was the police. (The door pounder was speaking Spanish but had that police authority to their voice.) I would not return. I would spend the extra money and stay in a name brand hotel.
El Canario By The Lagoon
San Juan, Puerto Rico


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