Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on January 7, 2010

My friend and I are from Texas and she came with me on the move up here and we stayted in this hotel because we're only 20 years old and were on a budget since we just came from Texas. The room was horrible, very nasty and poorly taken care of. To top things off the next day when I woke up she was at my car getting a hairband or something out of my car. As soon as she walks in from outside the phone rings and its the hotel guy at the front desk. He casually proceeds to tell her, "Happy New Years! By the way your car just got broken into! Have a nice day!" The man at the front desk didn't bother to help clean the mess, he told us to just "..sweep it into the street and tell the sweepers to come by early.." Not only did his lack of concern escalate the situation but he said they didnt have security cameras installed and I was parking at my own risk. I then asked him to call the cops so I could have an authority figure to speak with and he just flat out said he's not calling the police. So I had to make a scene in the front lobby just for him to call the police, which he did, but it was on me. While I was cleanaing up the glass a had about 20 or 30 homeless people taunting me. People were selling drugs right outside the hotel, and there were countless hookers circling the block. I HOPE NOBODY MAKES THE DECISION TO STAY HERE EVER!! It may be cheap but you're gettin what you pay for buddy, and the ladies are hard to get into that place..
Rodeway Inn Downtown
San Francisco, California, 94103


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