Great Location, but Service Not

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on January 2, 2010

This hotel is located in a wonderful spot in the heart of the Barri Gotic. Thus, the location of the hotel is perfect for travelers. The hotel building itself is beautiful, a stunning example of European architecture. Unfortunately, save the location and natural beauty of the building, the hotel left a lot to be desired. First, the bed in the room (at least in mine) was unacceptable. The bed was small and the mattress unsupportive. Further, the "pillows" were useless. Second, and more importantly, we found the service lacking. Admittedly, the European service industry (restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc.) are not known for quality service. But, if you're paying nearly $* a night, you would expect more than a 2 inch mattress, single pillow, and exorbitant charges for phone usage. My wife and I had difficulties with our travel out of Barcelona and needed to contact the airline. Had this been an upscale hotel in NYC, for example, the concierge would have had no problem calling the airline for us to figure out what could be done to remedy the situation. This upscale hotel, however, told us to call from our room at * cents per minute. We spend no more than 20 minutes on the phone, but, upon checkout, discovered a charge for nearly 2 hours of phone time! The hotel must have a minimum charge for phone usage. Not surprisingly, the hotel failed to disclose this information. In short, the service was subpar. And when paying the amount of money we paid for the hotel, we expected better treatment. Needless to say, we will not stay in the Colon Hotel again. Frankly, the location cannot overcompensate for poor service.
Colon Hotel
Barcelona, Spain, 08002
34 93 3011404

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