Just okay -- nothing fabulous

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on December 5, 2009

I booked for a Eugene, Oregon hotel room and got this for $* for a night before a flight out. For that price the room was great -- however, this remainder of this review will assume that I paid the actual list price which is much higher. The lobby of the hotel was very nice: there was a lit fire, comfortable seating, access to a restaurant, and a friendly staff at the check-in desk. The inn is laid out in a slightly confusing pattern -- but we were lucky enough to get a king room on the first floor -- with the noted advantage of access to the parking lot via sliding glass doors to make packing and unpacking luggage easier. The room was large for motel room standards. It was comfortably appointed -- included a love seat, chair, coffee table, desk, office chair, armoire, and a side table in addition to the king bed. The bathroom was decent -- and had a large area to hang clothes as well as a full-sized ironing board and iron. There was also a "real" hair dryer and a coffee maker. The decor was alright -- slightly run down and outdated -- but I found the room to be clean. My husband was disgusted that there were quite a few gnats flying around the room -- I am not sure what that was all about -- but there were quite a lot of the buggers. Other concerns were that the sliding glass door was extremely hard to open or close -- and it turned out that it was actually off the track. Not exactly the safest thing. OK for $* bucks -- but I would have been salty if I had paid the going rate for his room.
Valley River Inn
Eugene, Oregon, 97401


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