Motel not Resort with sweatbox bedroom

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on July 6, 2009

Maybe this place works in the Winter, but not in the summer. The room (I think 164) looked good at first. You entered through the bedroom, then there was a walkthrough kitchen with bathroom to the right, and a living room with a balcony. A good first impression. The room was hot, but of course the air conditioner was off. So we turned it on. After awhile we called the front desk and asked for a fan, to try to get some air circulation to the bedroom. The fan was delivered to the room very quickly. The air conditioner was out in the living room and didn't cool down the bedroom. We never did figure out a way to move cool air back into the bedroom. The fan blowing the hot air around helped, but we couldn't get it to circulate with the cool air in the living room... Several other folks along the hall had propped open their bedroom door to the common hallway, to get airflow - but I wasn't comfortable with that. Other less bothersome problems were the lack of an inside lock, the lack of a room safe, the ashtray on the deck (gross me out - this was a non-smoking room), the whirlpool tub being so narrow as to be strictly a one person affair, the air conditioner being so loud it was hard to hear the TV that cut off the weather report information while displaying the non-wide-screen format station in wide-screen mode, and the free internet being via the adjacent resort's WiFi. Perhaps if a kitchen were important to me, it would have seemed a better place.
Tunnel Mountain Chalets
Banff, Alberta, T0L0C0

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