When do we go back???????

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on May 12, 2009

We were very happy staying at The San Simeon Lodge. Older property, but as clean and comfortable as could be. Great price and we could see and hear the ocean. We were there for a week and not one complaint from us. WELL! Maybe one, the pool water did not look very clean, kinda green/yellow and not clear. Maybe not ready for the season. Resturant food was very good but pricey for our budget. We did have lunch. Then ventured to other dining places. We would like to go back. Thank you Travelocity for your services. Price was unbeatable. Staff very friendly. We saw another property on the ocean, but in no way could we ever afford to stay there. We can dream, so we took our picnic with wine and went to a cozy place on the ocean and had a wonderful time just relaxing. Took lots of pictures. "MEMORIES" WE HOPE TO RETURN (GOD WILLING) IRENE AND ALAN HAYDIS HUGHSON, ca
San Simeon Lodge
San Simeon, California, 93452


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