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Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on October 13, 2009

Recently, on a vacation trip through Eastern Canada, we stayed at the Peachtree Inn in Kingston, Ontario. I had chosen it from their website, which described it in glowing terms and pictures. The choice turned out to be a huge mistake. The first problem was the layout of the motel. It is a linear room arrangement with the elevator at one end of a long corridor. Our room was at the far end and getting the luggage the entire length was not enjoyable. The motel room was far below standard for the price (more than $*/night). The furnishings were dated and aside from a recent paint job on the walls, the room was shabby. The motel promised wireless internet access but I was not able to connect, despite efforts from the front desk or a maintenance person who tried for a half hour to gain access. When I requested a credit for the lack of the promised connection, I was told that they had no other complaints so they could not give a credit. As I said previously, the furniture was worn. The mattress on the bed was the most uncomfortable that we had encountered during our three week foray. Sleeping on it was a restless experience. Breakfast is served in a large conference room with long conference style tables. The breakfast items were standard : cereal, muffins, donuts, coffee and an unidentifiable “juice”. All in all it is a place to avoid and I would never return.
Peachtree Inn
1187 Princess St
Kingston, Ontario, K7M3E1

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