Nice room but eat out.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 24, 2009

First, I must say that the room and cleaning staff were excellent. That being said, I found the restaurant service to be incredibly slow and the food overpriced. One of the kids ordered macaroni and cheese for supper. I expected it to be some sort of casserole of macaroni and parmesan or mozzarella cheese. Turned out to be Kraft Dinner.... Add that to a entree that had such a small portion size (a half cup of gnocchi and a tiny breadstick) that you were still hungry afterward and finally the fact that every single meal we had there took a good 2 hours to arrive at the table and I am forced to recommend staying in the room, but arrange to eat in town. There are a number of excellent restaurants just down the hill that serve food that is better, twice as fast and 30-40% cheaper. Along Water Street, there are some great places for breakfast (Chef's), dinner (The Gables) and supper (The Harbourview). Oh, and there were no telephone books available. Our party had 3 rooms with not one telephone book nor was there one with the pay phone down the hall. Makes it difficult to arrange for outside dining but make the effort and go down town (make reservations in person if you have to, while shopping say or before you go whale watching). One other thing, we had chosen this hotel specifically because some members of our group wanted access to the golf course, only to be informed upon our arrival that they could not do so on Saturday because of a tournament that was being held in the afternoon. They were wiling to tee off at 6:30 am. Would have been nice to have some notice about this development when booking in the first place.
The Algonquin Resort
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