A total disapointment

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on July 21, 2009

We stayed here on the evening of July 3, 2009. Soon after retiring at 11:00pm a group of 20-somethings began wandering from room to room within our hallway, . After complaining to the front desk, one of the guests was asked to vacate his room, only to be allowed into another room by friends in full view of security and police. The hotel refused to take any further action. When I asked the front desk to move us at 1:00am they only had a smoking room available. When I asked to be booked at another property at the hotel's expense I was told they could not do that. When I asked to speak to a manager I was refused. The next morning, after receiving only 4 hours sleep, I was profusely apologized to by day staff. Unfortunately, it was 6 hours too late. This property obviously cares more about their frat house guests than traveling families.
Clarion Hotel and Conference Center
South Burlington, 05403


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