Very Nice rooms but not enough parking

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on July 15, 2009

Loved the room and the location. The room was clean and roomie. I also liked the lodge like style of the place. But I was very disappointed in the parking. I guess they often host events such as conventions and weddings. When we stayed there we got back to our room after 10:00 pm on both Friday and Saturday. Both times time lot was completely full and we had to wait for a spot to open up - and we were not the only guest waiting. Several other cars were looking for a place to park too. The first night my husband went to the front desk to complain - and was told the hotel also had an agreement to use the parking ramp a block away and the lot was full because of the weddings and other events going on. He suggested that maybe the hotel should have the people not spending the night at the hotel park in the ramp and was told by the front desk that all guests are treated equally. The second night they had a small sign out side inviting wedding guests to make use of the ramp - but the lot was still full. I don't really want to walk to and from a ramp a block away at night when I stay at a hotel. I wish they would limit parking in the lot after a certain time (maybe 9:00pm) to overnight guests only and/or add the cost of valet parking as part for events if they are over a certain size or go after 10:00pm.
Stoney Creek Inn
3060 Kinney Coulee Rd. S.
Onalaska, Wisconsin, 54650
(608) 781-3060

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