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In a out of the blue trip to vegas, a friend and I looked online for an affordable place to stay near the strip. we came across the Gold Spike, the information provider was yahoo travel. the discription of the hotel was far from the truth, Yahoo travel said it was a four star hotel with newly renivated suites, indoor parking , and much more promises.When we arrived we tried to park our car, there was no indoor parking. The only parking there was was a parking lot next to an open alley where i would not walk alone in the dark. It was badly lit and no security on site. The rooms were not any better, the minute we walked in it was a dump. There was holes in the wall, paint was peeling off the wall, there was no clock, skrews sticking out of the woredrobe cabinate (where I cut myself on my arm), the toilet wouldn't flush, and the tub was all rusted. And to top it off the next morning we saw the maid in the hall way, a friend walked up to her to tell her that we needed towels when she went in there to clean. The maid handed her a stack of towels to take with her, my friend was very puzzeled by this. But that wasn't the end of our encounter with the maid, she further told my friend to get the dirty towels and linens from our room and bring them to her. We were shocked and very upset. All in all the GoldSpike Hotel SUCKED BIG TIME!!!!
Gold Spike Hotel And Casino
217 Las Vegas Blvd North
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101
(702) 384-8444

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