Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on January 2, 2009

I was very scared about staying here after reading all the reviews and getting that ""oh my god you are staying in brooklyn? Brooklyn? where its dangerous?"" look from all my friends and relatives. However, I have to say Red Carpet Inn made my overall trip an amazing experience especially since it was my first time in NYC and traveling only with my younger sister. Although the outside contains huge signs stating that it is a motel, I would say its service is just as great as some of the hotels I have stayed in. I was lost getting to the hotel upon arrival from the Airport but the front desk worked with my cabbie to get us there. FYI a taxi cab from LGA to the hotel is about $40 without tip. They were very friendly and at the front desk 24/7 making my returns fr manhattan more secure. There is wireless internet, the rooms are clean and nice, & we were given a choice between 2 rooms (one had a very large bed and the other a smaller bed but a microfridge and tv). There were donuts for breakfast which is good since food here is more expensive than what I am used to. As for the neighborhood, it was not at all bad. I'm orinially from N.O. and it seemed more calm here. There was a gas station across the street w/ nice cashiers, several dining options in front of us, the subway entrance to manhattan directly in front of us, the subway exit from manhattan direcly behind us,& a huge laundromat about a block or 2 down from us. I never got a chance to explore this area since we spent time in Manhattan,but it did seem safe to explore. It was also very well lit.
New York City, 11237


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