Buses were even better deal

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on December 16, 2008

I returned to Casa for my vacation in early November 2008. All previous comments apply, except that the buses were FREE this time (some political deal until the end of the year). I went thru the art museum again - well worth the trip. Also spent time on the beach, and shopping in Condado. As i was there in off season, and had a single room, my rate was under $* - remarkable deal. This time i visited Plaza Carolina, Isla Verde, and San Juan Viejo (3 times) - all by bus. Despite the bargain bus fares, only twice in a week did i encounter crowded busses. As previously noted, if you visit in the fall (Oct to Jan), be careful of the palm trees on the beach and along the roads. The coconuts are ripe then and are falling without warning - sometimes from remarkable heights. And - they are HEAVY! Best not to stand or walk under them. Airport screening for the return flight to the USA was considerably better organized than in 2007 - took about 1/3 the time it did in 2007. Casa del Caribe is NOT a fancy, glitzy hotel with fancy entertainment and features. It IS clean, friendly, well kept, and an excellent value. There is a nice little city park down Caribe away from the beach - about 3 blocks away. A contract post office (for mailing purchases home) is a short walk from the park (5 blocks). A ""UPS"" store is also available on Ave de Ashford about 3 blocks from Casa. I plan to return in 2009.
Casa Del Caribe
57 Caribe St.
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00907


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