Great Price, Horrible Check in Lady

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on October 24, 2008

We have stayed at this hotel on two separate occasions this year and it is an excellent hotel for the price. We had major issues with check in this last occasion however. We had booked two rooms at the same time and paid with one card. A few days before check in we discovered the other party going with us would be at the hotel before us so we called to make the arragements with the online travel website to change the name so they wouldn't have any problems. Everything was suppose to be taken care of but when the party arrived they would not let them check in. We had to call the online travel company twice and stay on the phone until the hotel recieved a "fax" with the name change. This took a total of and hour and 45 mins until they were able to get into the room. When we finally arrived about 4 hrs later there was a different check in staff who we super friendly and didn't make us get the other party to check in (we changed the names on both rooms just in case). We think it was just one lady who had power issues. The restaurant buffet is not worth the money so skip that and head to shoneys, better yet got to the Pancake Pantry and try the crepes...YUM! Awesome room and very clean, we enjoyed that the rooms were connecting too. We also had two trucks with motorcycle trailers and the security people had an area roped off for us and some tour buses that were there. Very nice and right outside or building. Just get past the check in people and you'll have a lovely time.
River Terrace Resort Hotel
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, 37738

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