Great Location and very clean hotel rooms. Terrible RESTAURANT!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on October 16, 2008

If you are looking for a very convenient place to stay with very clean rooms this is the place. The value is excellent if you just need a place to rest your head and unwind after a busy day in the city. The hotel room was always well cleaned after returning each evening. Rooms didn't smell like smoke and the towels and bedspreads were always spotless. My one complaint would be, however, with the restaurant on-site. I read other poor reviews of the dining experience and didn't pay enought attention to them. On the last morning of my trip my wife and I wanted something fast and decent tasting so we thought we would give it a chance. I asked the waitress how long I should expect to wait since I needed to catch my flight and she said "Only about a minute." Being a reasonable person (at least in my own mind) I thought a ten to fifteen minute wait would be about right to get my food. 15 minutes later the waitress brought me out the wrong order. At first I gave her the benefit of the doubt and repeated to her my order more slowly. Fifteen more minutes and the same result, wrong order. I let the server know I could no longer wait and I had to leave. Two minutes later a sloppy and annoyed looking gentleman lumbered out of the back and asked me what MY problem was. I told him the situation and he told me to calm down. I took a moment to consider whether this was really the manager or if I was on some sort of sad excuse for a reality TV show. He seemed to be in disbelief that I wouldn't eat the wrong food that was brought out!
Holiday Inn NYC / Manhattan 6th Avenue
125 West 26th Street
Manhattan, New York, 10001

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