Worst Hotel EVER!! Never stay here!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on October 13, 2008

Let me just start by saying this trip was supposed to be one to celebrate my husbands birthday (last year he was serving in Iraq for his birthday), a getaway to make up for the honeymoon we never got and a time to meet up with my extended family (including my brother who left to deploy the day after we got back). We were very much looking forward to this trip. We were staying in a two bedroom with a pullout couch with a total of three couples arriving at three different times. Arrangements had been made by my cousin (the timeshare holder) for this resort to be in my name so we could check in a day earlier than she and her spouse. Upon arrival, the hotel could not find our reservation. It took them 30 mins and lots of us and them calling around to find it. Once they finally did we were let into our room. After running around and finally getting settled in my husband and I decided to sit down and have a nice quiet night and watch a movie. We first noticed buttons were missing off the actual tv but didn't think much of it. But then when I went to pick up the remote, the batteries flew across the room because there was no back on it! I decided it wasn't that big of a deal and went on. We then proceeded to try to watch a movie only to find the dvd player was broken and making a huge loud popping noise. We called the front desk and they sent someone up. It took him running back and forth to find a new dvd player and an hour to hook it up. The next morning my husband opened the dresser to put our clothes away only to have our dresser fall apart! We again called front desk and they sent maint again. After trying for a while to fix it then leaving and coming back he decided he couldn't fix it and had to find another one. The first morning after my cousin arrived, she woke to roll over and find a pair of mens underwear that did not belong to anyone in our party! We immediately called the housekeeping to notify of her findings only to have them tell her they must belong to her husband! She then hung up and called the front desk to complain of all the issues building up and also to let them know of the panels that are coming off the wall near the balcony of our wonderful view of the parking lot. They said it being memorial day weekend they could only move us to another room and have no other sister hotels to send us to or rooms to upgrade us to. We had to then pack up all of our belongings and groceries we had bought for a week and move everything to a completely different building. The hotel did not even offer to help! They only thing they could do to make up for it was a dinner off site (we refused to eat at their horrible restaurant). Which when it came time for us to get our vouchers and go to dinner they were not at the front desk. So they had to track down the GM to get them. All the while we missed the shuttle and had to pay for a taxi! We also had her comp us a few drinks at the pool but she was not happy about having to do both. Our room had two bathrooms, so one bathroom was shared by four people. Knowing this, housekeeping still only gave us enough towels for two people. The bedrooms do not have any fans and the air barely worked in our room so my husband and I sweat it out every night. We had the ac on the lowest it would go but still nothing! After sleeping in our new bed my husband and I both noticed we were itchy. We didn't think much of it until after the next night when we were both bright red and covered in hives. We had welts all over our bodies that itched like crazy! I called to the front desk and they said we must just be allergic to their detergant and that it wouldn't help to get new sheets. It did not seem very likely to us that we were both allergic to the same detergant and that we were fine in the first room but not this one! I told her to send the sheets anyways. When we got home we noticed they brought new sheets but rather than put them on they just left them on the table near the door! After we put the new sheets on the day we left we finally started to get better. The shuttle was nice to have but only runs until midnight. So you do not get a ride home if you plan on going home late. All the drivers had different rules and if there were a lot of people waiting you had to wait for the next time which could be an hour. A taxi back to the hotel is a minimum of $20 but will often run you double that with the traffic. We had to use the taxi more often then planned because they had one shuttle broke down so rather than the 15 min wait time they advertise, you wait more like 30. I will say that they nicest people we came across were two of the shuttle drivers. The restaurant at the pool is awful. They are incredibly overpriced. The chicken wings were very over priced and I must say the worst I've ever had. The frozen margaritas out of the machine were great though. But did cost you $12. The pool is large and has water slides but it got extremely crowded on the weekend. There were not enough chairs for people, but plenty of room where they could have bought them. I guess the hotel was too cheap for that. We had six people in our room but were only allowed to check out one pool float per room! They had a cookout for the weekend that we decided to purchase food from. We went to the food only to find you must go to the restaurant on the other side of the pool area to stand in line to purchase tickets then come back to the food to stand in line to get your food! We did this and when it was our turn to get our food they ran out!! They were not sure if they would get anymore, but finally came up with some 30 minutes later. The only reason we were able to get food was because we happened to walk up and check to see if any was there right before it had once again run out. The organization and planning of this hotel is a disgrace. After staying at this hotel I will NEVER purchase a timeshare. I will NEVER EVER recommend this hotel to ANYONE! This is the worst hotel on the market. I am highly disappointed. Especially after reading so many great reviews. I could go on and on about how much this hotel ruined our trip but I will stop. I think you get the point. It was awful and completely ruined our trip. Oh and my husband and I just finally got our hives, redness and severe itching to go away today...one week after being home! DO NOT stay here!!!!!
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