Very Pleasant Hotel

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from on September 22, 2008

Although this hotel has no charm at all (looks like a 60s apartment building conversion) the location is great and the room was DEAD QUIET!! True, we did not overlook the street. We had four in a room (rare in Europe) and the two double beds were SUPER comfortable. Room is adequate size for two adults and two young teens. Hotel is very close to a very nice park for walking or jogging or picnicing or biking, and the Reiksmuseum and van Gogh museum are close. There are frequent trams nearby. There are some good sights close by. Be sure to rent bikes, as they are a blast and you see tons more. It is expensive (we paid $100 for four bikes for two days) but it is worth it. Get the bikes with three gears. It is very safe and fun to use the bike lanes, but watch out for stupid tourists who block you (the Dutch are very patient - I wasn't, even though I've done the same thing myself - but you get to ring the bell a lot - most satisfying). Rent a bike from the hotel. The price is competitive with the commercial places nearby, and they are WAY better looking - no garish colours and big renter IDs on the bike indicating you are a newbie tourist. Be sure to bike out of town along the Amstel to a totally gorgeous little town - on the way see great countryside, lazy river, lazy boats, a drawbridge, two real windmills - round trip including lunch about five hours or so and not tiring at all. Safe to leave bike locked outside at night with thousands of others. I think the hype about theft is just that. In short, good business-class hotel. Fun. English spoken everywhere.
Marriott Amsterdam Hotel
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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