NOt pleasant

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on September 14, 2008

I thought this was a high-end hotel. Boy was I wrong! Actually I was only half wrong. It does have high end pricing but that's where the high end treatment stops. This hotel is well past it's prime - if it ever had one. Though the authentic colonial building has a storied history dating back to the eighteen hundreds and has beautiful lawns that roll to the Ellis river in back that's not enough to save this place. Everywhere you look the property is run down and poorly maintained. New additions and renovations are cheap and poorly constructed. The separate cottage I stayed in, though generous in size, has Walmart level finishes: cheap lighting fixtures, a tiny bath vanity, and a two by four railing leading up to the bedroom. Outside debris surrounded the parking area, flower beds were unattended, and the siding and trim were worn and tired. My wife insisted I mention the musty odor as well. To give credit where due, the young and attentive waitstaff seemed blithely unaware that they were not working at Ritz. Also we purchased a dinner with our reservation and by the time Friday night came around we had reservations, serious reservations! We were surprised by a delicious dinner, fresh, creative, obviously the work of a seasoned gourmet. The dinner was well worth. OK for a up-scale resort, for the Dana Place it was a rip-ff.
Dana Place Inn
1143 NH Route 16
Jackson, New Hampshire, 03846
(603) 383-6822

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