Scam at the bar.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on July 10, 2008

Stayed there 10/21/08 to 10/26/08. Stayed in Kiwi (no room numbers). Actual room OK. AC and fan sufficient (it was hot out). Hot water luke warm at best. Third day there, no hot water. Let it pass. Fourth day same thing. They finally got it fixed in the afternoon. Next day, same scenario no hot water. Three days in a row a little much to deal with. Restaurant and bar on premesis nice. I was paying cash for the restaurant and the bar. One bartender would not give me a check for the bar bill. Wrote it on a paper napkin. When I asked again, he said they did not have bills/receipts for cash customers. He made a big deal out of that. When I got sick of listening to his ragtime, he went over to the restaruant part for fifteen minutes. Came back with something that looked like a rent receipt. At that point I got a little sick of the dude. Pointed out the calculator in his work area, and the receipt book underneath it. Lo and behold he wrote me a printed bill that was labeled CASH CUSTOMERS. Draw your own conclusions. Don't expect to get a decent mixed drink from this party. What you will get if you are observant, is a little wave of the bottle. Bring your own shot glass. Other bartender X was a cool dude, decent drinks. A bit bummed out when we went to supper at 9:30 PM and both the restaurant and bar were closed. This was on a Saturday night. Don't think I would stay there again, or reccommend it to someone I liked.
Rondel Village
Norman Manley Blvd
Negril, Jamaica

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