Never Again

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on March 4, 2008

Truly one of the worst hotels I have ever stayed in. My friend's parents have timeshare at different hotels, and we chose the ESJ Towers--very bad idea. The lobby looks like it's something out of the 1970's, with no sunlight, no beach or pool access, and no ambiance. Upon opening the door to our room, we were greeted with with a cockroach the size of my palm, two awfully thin mattresses, and a view of a busy residential neighborhood. The bathroom was old and dirty, with a dropped ceiling and peeling paint. The room had a kitchenette, but every time we opened the fridge, water came pouring out onto the floor. With no beach access through the lobby, we thought that there would be beach access by the pool... NOPE! To get the beach, you have to go through the parking garage, use your room key to open a locked door, then use a code that opens a turn-style, NYC subway-type gate. Once you get on the beach, if you want a lounge chair (if you can even call that crappy plastic contraption a lounge chair), you have pay $4. The pool (also accessible only with your room key) boasts a "bar," which is a single man behind a 4-foot enclosed counter who will serve a selection of four drinks and two snacks. The staff was friendly, but seemed to enjoy the company of two 25-year olds a bit too much. The only good thing about this hotel is its proximity to the beautiful El San Juan Hotel and Casino right next door, and the Intercontinental Hotel, which is just down the block. Both hotels have fabulous restaurants and shops, casinos, bars, outdoor grills, live music, and a friendly staff. Do NOT stay at the ESJ Towers, you'll regret it.
Esj Towers
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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