Does a bed come with this room?

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on December 2, 2007

We're promised two beds for four people. Our room has one bed. They promise a rollaway--four hours later, no bed. Eight hours later--no bed. Call the front desk (again!)--and we're told that the bed's been delivered. Try again. Delivery guy's at lunch. It's 11p.m.??? Manager calls and growls at us--for wanting a bed?!!! Don't those come standard in most hotels? Double room magically becomes available. Elevator's broken--must schlep luggage through bar and upstairs (now in pajamas, no less.) There's a knock on our door. An offer of help? Nope--a surly desk clerk angrily shoving a new key in our faces and stomping away. So, we trek through the bar, pajamas and all, lugging huge suitcases, much to the amusement of the drunks. The new room is--swear to God--50degrees. We've given up complaining at this point and just shiver. At least we got rooms--we witnessed two other couples--one holding their fully prepaid receipt--getting turned away because the hotel was overbooked. The front desk staff, instead of being helpful, was downright rude. So: paying for a room doesn't guarantee you'll get one, getting a room doesn't guarantee you'll have beds, and getting a bed doesn't guarantee it'll be clean. The location can't be beat, and the courtyard is gorgeous, but there are plenty of other hotels where you'll be treated much better and people won't make you feel like you're making an unusual request for wanting actual beds in your hotel room!
Saint Ann Marie Antoinette Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130

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