Not my choice of hotel, no.

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on November 1, 2007

Unfortunately, I wanted to save a little money, and from the reviews posted, I thought Cosmo would be good enough. However, if you care about hotel comfort like I do (& by no means am I high maintenance), I would recommend you pay a little more and consider a different hotel. My check-in at this hotel was a traumatic nightmare! The room stunk and I could not bear to settle in, much less breathe at all. As I asked for a different room, they were fully booked, aside from only one available room, which did not have any counter area in the bathroom, no soap, terrible carpeting, and yet, a room that smelt just as moldy as the first. For the sufficating feeling and great disappointment, I had to upgrade to an executive room, which was only decent. The reception assistng was not very friendly, instead I was apologizing... go figure! He, as he said, could not smell the moldy disgust that was fuming out from the AC. If you don't care at all about hotel quality, and just need a place to sleep, you may not mind this hotel. But, for those who want to breathe, what at least seems to be, clean air, this place is not for you. The Nooche Bar was not at all anything to rave about, neither their breakfast, which is served in the same bar in the mornings, after all the smoking and drinking the night before.
Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong
No.375-377 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai
Hong Kong, China

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