No frills, but no nonsense

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on October 2, 2007

Went here just before it got real hot. Checked in around 2am the night of my first occupancy - I booked a single king with no preference and that's exactly what I got. This was my first time in New Orleans and wanted to make sure I was close to the Quarter as my friends were being married in a nearby hotel. This hotel is RIGHT THERE. That is the number one attraction here. Secondly, it was cheap (comparably). The booking was easy and check-in was simple and uneventful. I was honestly worried going in based on the terrible reviews here, but the room was OK. No other inhabitants but me. The hotel is a bit run down, but the staff respected the DND sign and always made the room up when I was out. Totally adequate and covered my expectations realistically. Surprisingly quiet for its location. I never had to ask for anything - a great place if you're a self-reliant traveler. No WIFI, or phone in the room even! - But if you're traveling without a cell these days I just feel sorry. It's actually not bad if you know going in that you just need a place to keep your stuff and a bed to sleep the two or so hours each night while you're in NO. Don't expect four stars and you'll be fine - especially given the rates and location - I mean come on!
Saint Ann Marie Antoinette Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130

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