Left after 1 night...Marriot was so much better!!!

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on July 17, 2007

You will read that this hotel is on the water. They're right, you have a great view of the cruise ship docks but have to take a taxi to the beach, a 15 minute drive away minimum, this wouldn't be bad except all the taxi's charge per person and anywhere you go is a $6 minimum per person plus $2 per bag. It would have cost me $40 to go to the beach and back. We moved to the Marriot after 1 night it was much better! Not to mention the problem that there is only 1 restaurant within walking distance to the hotel, it's in the hotel and called "Room With a View". It has a great view, but is very overpriced for bad food and not so good service. We spent almost $60 for a dinner for two that was really bad. Also if you use a debit or credit card there be forewarned they EXPECT you to leave a 20% tip and they preauthorize your card accordingly. So if you must eat there, pay cash or plan on not having the money available to you for about 5 days. A note in general about St Thomas, bring a lot of money for bad food. Our best meal was at the downtown Wendy's, yes THE Wendy's. Otherwise we spent on average $20 each for a regular meal including breakfast. Most of the beaches were great except Coki beach. It boasts the best snorkeling on the island. There was great snorkeling but the sand was very coarse and the water got deep quickly. As you walk down the beach you are hounded by people trying to sell you something. Also there was a territorial shouting match between two sales people with a lot of cursing as we arrived.
Bluebeard's Castle
P.O. Box 7480
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, 00801


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