Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on July 23, 2007

Very disappointed in a sheraton hotel. This hotel is no three star and should be down graded to a one star. We picked the hotel because of the rating and area. It is located midway between d.C. And annapolis and baltimore. That is the only thing it has going. We had to change rooms because of the broken mirror, smell in the room (possible mold) and the heavy perfume smell they would spray daily. On monday they sprayed the room, but never cleaned it!!!! Beds were a mess and dirty towels were in the bath tub. We then were changed to another room and had to walk around dirty linens and glasses in the hall for over three hours. No maid cart, just dirty linens and towels in a pile on the carpeting. We complained again and then called sheraton corp. We are still waiting for a reply from them.
Sheraton Columbia Hotel
10207 Wincopin Circle
Columbia, Maryland, 21044
(877) 207-9358

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