They do NOT honor online reservations!!!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 27, 2007

I made a reservation through online travel website at the 3 Peaks Resort . The reservation was confirmed. I even called 3 Peaks three days before our arrival and confirmed our reservation with the front desk clerk. When we arrived, we were told they had overbooked and did not have a place for us. The desk clerk said he had made a reservation at another hotel, and online travel website would pay the difference. They also turned away the guests in front of us (booked thru other website ), and the guests behind us (booked online, unknown site). \n \nConincedentally, 3 Peaks still had the "vacancy" sign lit, and when we anonymously called later they said they had rooms available (at a much higher rate). \n \nThe second hotel was nearly three times more expensive, and not affiliated with online travel website . online travel website , of course, refused to pay the difference, and eventually only refunded us, leaving us stuck in Tahoe with no hotel. \n \nFrom talking with residents, we learned 3 Peaks overbooks all the time, and turns away online reservations if they think they can get more money (this was a big concert weekend). What a scam!!! (A former-clerk told us they turn away about 5 reservations per day, more on holiday or other big weekends). \nBottom line: If you made an online reservation at 3 Peaks, then make another reservation somewhere else. 3 Peaks will not honor online reservations, even guaranteed prepaid ones. Buyer beware - they will cancel reservations if they think they can get more money! \n
3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, California, 96150

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