great hotel

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 21, 2007

Hotel was modern and clean. Staff very helpful. Restaurant slightly overpriced but definately among the best meals we had in Hungary. The breakfast buffet was fantastic. At first they would not honor the free buffet travel website said we would get but i showed them my paperwork and then they honored it, so bring proof. The tourest areas are within walking distance (alot of walking but we love that) but the people are NOT friendly. Don't expect common courtesy and manners and you won't be disappointed. Tourists are oblivously an annoyance there, in restaurants, on the street, everywhere. Book your seats if your flying Malev otherwise they will sell your seat and put you on standby, that happened to us.
Art Otel Budapest
Budapest, Hungary
36 1487-9487

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