Hayward as Haven

Hayward is not a lush or luxurious destination but if you choose your motel wisely, you may find yourself relaxing in spite of yourself.

Hayward as Haven

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by hwlrmnky on March 5, 2002

California State University, Hayward, is a lovely campus set into the hills of this mostly-working-class town. If the university has a play in production, you may want to check it out; the theater department has a very good reputation among educators in the state. ${QuickSuggestions} Your biggest challenge is to decide what class of motel suits your needs. The two main areas of town with accommodations are on Mission right by the university. A few miles away, in proximity to Chabot College and the mall, is the other "strip" of accommodations.${BestWay} A car is a must in Hayward, unless you are quite hearty and look as though you will win any fight that picks you.

Comfort Inn Hayward

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by hwlrmnky on March 6, 2002

I generally avoid motels within this price point because they tend to seem overpriced for the level of amenity and convenience offered. The Comfort Inn Hayward is a a remarkable exeception! The proprietor is extremely mannerly and helpful and the staff is highly accommodating. The rooms have recently been redone and are fresh looking and feeling. This is not a luxury property, but the decor done with taste and there is integrity to the design. There were a few glitches--a sink with a faulty stopper and a sometimes tempermental closet door--but, heck, I have those glitches at home. If you are from the country, the traffic on Mission may seem noisy; ask for a room away from the street. A city/suburb gal myself, the traffic was merely a comforting buzz outside our room fairly close to the street. The bed and linens were lovely, the desk was large enough to accommodate actual work and the desk chair was excellent. Since few people go to Hayward for pleasure (I gather) I can wholeheartedly suggest the business traveller on a budget stay at the Comfort Inn. If for no other reason because--and I could hardly believe this--they have FREE internet access! Free, unlimited internet. I suspect it may be cable because it slows down during the day, but after a long day at the conference it was a delight to sink into bed with unlimited web access. ComfortInnHayward
Comfort Inn Hayward
Hayward, California, 94544

Conference Accommodations in Hayward

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by hwlrmnky on March 6, 2002

If you need a block of rooms, I highly suggest calling the Comfort Inn Hayward and asking for Kanti, who handles such matters. I have worked with motel managers on a number of events and this gentleman wins for patience, charm and plain-dealing. After my office manager (misguidedly) cancelled part of our group reservation, he calmly changed the booking back with nary a snide remark when I called him later.

The Executive Inn in Hayward is a slighly more upscale venue with real conference capabilities. Prices for guest rooms seem to hover around $120 per night. The Executive will, however, require you to physically host your nightly reception and all alcohol must be surrendered at midnight.

If you need the beds but not a meeting room, take Comfort Inn. Then, if you want to throw money around, take the BART into San Francisco.


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