Quebec, The beautifull

A magical tour in this magical city.. No journal could fully give justice to this city's amazing architecture, history and panoramic view of the St-Lawrence river. But one thing that's for sure is that no matter what season, this city will charm you by it's great beauty.

Quebec, The beautifull

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Quebec, only fortified city in north america, was founded in 1608 by Samuel De Champlain. It has a very dominant French culture which gives it a very unique feel and atmosphere.

From the Carnaval de Québec (The biggest winter Carnival in the world) to the Polliwog music festival, the region has over 40 scheduled public events. Fun for all ages!

Also, you will find only a few minutes away (by car) beautiful natural wonders. The St-Lawrence river is omnipresent all around the city. The Montmorency Falls (30 METERS TALLER THAN THE NIAGARA), L'ile D'orlean, the famous island that belonged to poet Felix Leclerc and numerous mountains for all-season pleasure.

The city also holds numerous museums, cultural venues, etc. And is the only place in america to hold a hotel MADE OF ICE!!

Personally, this is my favorite city to be in. Please feel free to write for more details or simply to post a comment.

Have a great day!${QuickSuggestions} Even though people don`t speak english here as much as in Montreal, saying : Bonjour (Hi in french), can go a long way..

Also, Quebec's temperature ranges from 30 to -30 (86 to -22 farenheit) so be sure to be well prepared depending on the season.${BestWay} Waliking around is definitely the way to go. But have good walikng shoes because the old part of the city is made of cobblestone.

Le Chateau de Pierre

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Deus on December 2, 2001

This Bi-centennial house has all kinds of beautiful quarters. Wooden floors, high ceilling, moldings...much more than a simple hotel. Even though it isn''t as ¨fancy¨or luxurius as other big names in Quebec, what sets this place apart is it''s cozy, warm feel and ambiance.
Le Chateau de Pierre
Quebec City, Quebec
(418) 694-0429

L'Hotel de Glace (Ice-hotel)

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Deus on December 2, 2001

Québec City has the only Ice Hotel in america! An experience like no other! Beautifull suites! A great bar and an ambiance you will find nowhere else! You can also pass by for a simple visit. Kids welcomed. A must!!
Ice Hotel (Hotel de Glace)
9300, rue de la Faune
Quebec City, Quebec, G1G 4G4
(418) 875-4522

Chateau Mont St-Anne

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Deus on December 2, 2001

I was there with a few buddies for a snowboarding weekend but this resort/hotel is adequate for all types of holiday. They offer all kinds of packages:¨Rejuvenating¨, snowmobiling, Carnaval on the mountain. This is the perfect place for all types of holiday. Our room included 2 beds a nice patio, a complete kitchen, and nice bathroom. The hotel exterior and indoor pool, complete spa and massage service, a pool room, 2 bars, a restaurant, a game room, etc. You can have very high-end rooms for a romantic night, or a still very comfortable room for a fun weekend.
Chateau Mont Ste-Anne
500, boulevard du Beau-Pré
Beaupré, Quebec, G0A 1E0
(418) 827-5211

Domaine Val-des-Neiges

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Deus on December 2, 2001

I was in a nice 2 storey studio with a fireplace, T.V, kitchen and 2 nice bathrooms. Everything was beautifull and the setting was quite romantic. They also have a complete gym, a beautiful indoor pool, sauna, whirlpool and billard room. Children also have access to a game room. They are located 2 minutes away from Mont St-Anne ski resort. Close enough for access, yet far enough to be able to relax. You can also do some snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, dog sledding and a whole bunch of nice activities...or just stay inside and relax looking outside at the panoramic view that rooms offer.
Domaine Val-des-Neiges
203 Rue Val des Neiges
Quebec City, Quebec
1(800) 463-2625

Hotel Belley

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Deus on February 2, 2002

L`Hotel Belley, situated right in Old-Quebec is a little gem that needs to be discovered! You can either sleep above the tavern (in the main building) or in apartments across the street. The tavern hosts a very eclectic, artsy crowd (St-Paul is where all the art galleries are), and it is very nicely decorated. The place also has that particular charm and smell associated with older places.

We rented 2 rooms that communicated with each other through the kitchen, which was exactly was we needed, but, of course, you can have fully private rooms, too. The view isn''t spectacular, but the old buildings in this part of the city give the place an atmosphere like you will not encounter anywhere else. The apartments are very "rustic" but cozy.

This is not a luxury inn but, as I said previously, the whole place as a special feel to it. Another good thing is that you are situated just a 5 minute walk from downtown Old-Quebec with all the tourist attractions and bars. Prices in low season go as low as 50$ CANADIAN a night..very, very inexpensive for the atmosphere and location. Have a great stay!

Hotel Belley
Quebec City, Quebec
(418) 692-1694

Au Parmesan

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A gastronomic experience like no other! After tasting the best prociutto and melon serving I ever had, the parmesan veal was sublime. I had 2 servings of their great fruit and fine cheese platter with a very good cognac. I was a bit scared that the accordionist might spoil the show, but it was great! Everybody was singing and some people (after a few cognacs too, i guess..;) Were dancing around the tables and having a great time! This is by far the most enjoyable place I've ever eaten.
Au Parmesan
38 rue St-Louis
Quebec City, Quebec
(418) 692-0341

The "Carnaval de Québec"

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The `Carnaval de Quebec` is the biggest winter carnival in the world. The snowman has always been the mascot of the Carnival. He`s called `Bonhomme`! Which kind of translates into `man` (or even dude!) :) Part of the festivities is the traditional `snow bath` where people in bathing suits basically throw themselves in snow. It also includes a very exiting boat race on the iced St-Larence river. There also is a big procession with big chariots and all. Great fun for everyone!

This event is held from Feburay 1st to the 17th, one of the most beautifull seasons to visit Quebec under a beautifull white balnket

Carnaval de Québec
Dufferin Ave near Grande-Allée East
Quebec, Quebec, G1A 1A4
+1 877 266 5687 (Tou

Montmorency Falls

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The Montmorency Falls, standing at 83 metres (30 more than the Niagara!) offer not only natures great beauty, but is also a site of great cultural and historical importance! Also, you`ll find on top, once you climbed or used the cable car, Montmorency Manor. It is a historical house of great beauty where you can eat at one of the finest tables in the region.

Montmorency Falls Park
2490 Royale Ave
Quebec City, Quebec, G1C 1S1

Pub St-Alexandre

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Deus on January 29, 2002

An authentic english style pub! Over 200 brands of bottled beers, over 30 taps! The largest selection of beers in Quebec city! This is a great place to have beer and relax alone or with friends. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is quite relaxed.
Pub Saint-Alexandre
1087 St-Jean St
Quebec, Quebec, G1R 1S3
+1 418 694 0015

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